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The Postgraduate Diploma in Digital Business is aimed to help you design strategies and evaluate business models that help you and your organization to grow your business in this thriving age of digitalization.


  • Five-step process of planning and executing a digital marketing strategy: A structured approach to devising digital marketing strategies
  • Five principles of Agile Marketing Modeling: An approach to measure digital marketing success
  • Four Data Value Templates: Tools to tackle unstructured data
  • Platform Business Model Map and Competitive Value Train Tool: Tools to analyze the shifting dynamics of competition
  • Value Proposition Roadmap: A tool to adapt and re-imagine your business strategy
  • Convergent and Divergent Experimental Methods: Tools to drive innovation
  • Disruptive Business Model and Disruptive Response Planner: A tool to analyze a specific disruptive threat and identify an appropriate response


Module 1: Five Domains of Digital Transformation: Understanding the drivers that impact digital strategies

  • The Five Domains of Digital Transformation - A Holistic Framework
  • From Mass Marketing to Customer Networks and New Path to Purchase
  • Five Core Behaviors of Customers in the Digital World
  • Platform overview
  • Coopetition, Dis/intermediation, and Asymmetric Competitors
  • Building Data as a Strategic Asset for Your Business
  • Big Data at Work: New Data, New Tools, and Templates of Value
  • Innovation Through Experimentation: AB Test and Minimum Viable Products
  • Translating the Lean Startup to Enterprise Scale Innovation
  • Adapting Your Value Proposition

Module 2: Digital Business Models: Executing a Digital Transformation

  • Mastering Disruptive Business Models
  • Surviving Disruption: Six Incumbent Responses to a Disruptive Challenger
  • Leadership and the Customer Value Imperative

Module 3: The Platform Business Model: Leading Digital Innovations

  • Digital Transformation: From Products to Platforms, Network Effects
  • Digital Transformation Concepts: Markets, Environment and Structure
  • Designing your digital business model for success
  • Launching and growing a Digital Platform
  • Leveraging Open Innovation
  • Strategy and Competition in the Digital Age
  • Governing your Digital Platform

Module 4: Digital Marketing Strategy: Driving Customer Engagement

  • The Five-Step Process of Planning and Executing Your Digital Marketing Strategy (Overview) + Access Strategy
  • Engage Strategy
  • Customize Strategy
  • Connect Strategy
  • Collaborate Strategy
  • Digital Advertising Mix - Key Channels and Principles
  • Best Practices from Brands on Social Networks
  • Lessons From Brand Failures in Social Media [Optional]
  • Making Digital Matter - Metrics, ROI and Agile Modelling
  • Organizational Challenges of Digital Marketing [Optional]
  • Six Faces of the Near Future of Marketing [Optional]


  • Minimum 8 years work experience
  • Demonstrated leadership initiative; going beyond their defined scope of work
  • An ability to “make things happen”; strong execution skills
  • A vision of the future of the world and a desire to shape that Multicultural experiences and sensitivity
  • An eagerness to learn and to grow

Past Digital Course Participant Industries Include: Ecommerce, Information Technology (IT), Management Consulting, Consumer Markets, Media & Entertainment, Retail, Financial Services, Telecommunications, Startups, Banking, Healthcare, Tourism & Hospitality Management, Insurance, Real Estate, Aviation and Automobiles to name a few.

Past participants have come from high-growth startups as well as large or medium sized firms:

Application Details

Program fee: USD 2800

Non-refundable application fee: USD 100

Program commences: 29 January 2018


David Rogers

Faculty of Executive Education

Geoffrey Parker

Visiting Scholar and Research Fellow, MIT Initiative on the Digital Economy (IDE)

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